Code of Hammurabi

(or, how to not get in trouble on the Wiki)

  • Never post any material that is not appropriate for OLSH, goes against the student handbook, or breaks the internet use agreement.
  • Never post any information about yourself, your family, or any other personal information such as phone numbers or addresses.
  • DO NOT, under any circumstances, reference other students at OLSH, teachers, administrators, or any other member of the OLSH community in your posts.
    • The only exception to this rule is when referring to your group in a discussion forum. These will be closely monitored by Mr. Parks.
  • Do not post any pictures, including those of yourself or others on the Wiki. If you have a picture that is class related that you feel would be a good addition to your class page, show Mr. Parks the picture for approval. He will upload the picture himself.
  • The "Discussion" tab on each page is off limits unless otherwise noted by Mr. Parks.
  • Only post in the pages that you or your group are authorized to post in by Mr. Parks.
    • Throughout the year there will be various discussions or other project conducted through the Wiki.
  • Use the Wiki as a tool to help you learn both inside and outside of class. This by no mean replaces participating in class nor does it give you an excuse to not do work in class or for homework!