1. Changes and expansion in the African economic system

Africa’s economy between the years 1450-1750C.E is mostly based off of slave trade. They would trade slaves for guns, and other weapons. They would also trade gold for guns. They also set up systems in order to trade slaves like the: triangular trade and Atlantic systems. Most of Africa’s economy would come from the interaction with other continents and other countries. Africa would interact with Europe and most of the Islamic world along with the Americas; Africa had little interaction with Asia at the time.

1.1Slave trade

1.2Arab Slave Trade

1.4Effects of Slave Trade on the economy.

2.0 African interaction with Europe

2.1 Slave Trade

2.2Effect of guns in African Economy

2.3Effect of Gold on African economy

2.4 Triangular trade

2.5Atlantic Systems

Slave Trade
Slave trade was part of the way Africans would interact with the people of the rest of the world. They would trade slaves for guns and other means of currency. Slave Trade was a gigantic part of the African economy at the time. Slaves would go to all parts of the world from: the Middle East, to Europe, to the Americas.

Arab Slave trade

The trans Saharan slave trade effected the African economy it was the trade network were they would trade slaves which slaves would cross through to get to the Arab world. This would subsequently affect the African economy because of the trading deals the two countries would make.

Effects of Slave Trade on the economy

The economy was based on trading of slaves with different countries like the trading between Europe for guns and Americas for food and other supplies.

African Interaction with Europe

Europe has a big on the African economy, the effects of trade, the effect of Europe bringing guns to the African economy. Europe and African interaction a main basis of the African economy because most of Africa’s profit came from trade and development with Europe, Europe would exchange gold and guns with Africa in order to get slaves and other thing.

Triangular Trade

The triangular trade was trade with Europe America and Africa in which things from silk to gold to slaves were traded. The triangular trade developed in the between the periods of 1450-1750, it was an age in which many things were traded between the continents.