State Builidng: Africa (1450-1750)

Some empires started from scratch, others were already established and just needed to tidy up their political system. For example, the Kongo was already established during this time period, but it sought to further develop its centralization, including Christianity in its empire. The state building set up on the Gold Coast was mostly for trade. It was set up for an easier movement of goods because they were now right on the coast. Another native people was the Akan people which further developed during this time period. The Asante emerged as the most powerful of the Akan people. The Asante were located on the Gold Coast. An example of a new colony building would be the Cape Colony. The Dutch set up this colony on the South tip of Africa. They set up a plantation there where they used the natives as slaves to farm the land along with foreign slaves they brought in. Even though there was more slaves than settlers ( about 26,000 slaves and 14,000 natives and only 17,000 settlers), there was never a rebellion because of the fire arms and gunpowder that the settlers controlled. That is an overview of state building in Africa.