Expansion: Africa (1450-1750)

Expansion in Africa during this time period was internal and external. Inside Africa empires during this time were looking to expand west towards Africa’s coast, which at this time was referred to as the Gold Coast. This area was the target because of geographic location right next to the ocean. It made it easier to trade, which during this time played a big role for Africa, due to slave trade for weapons and other goods. Externally other nations looked to settle in colonies in Africa. One colony was the Cape Colony. It was settled by the Dutch on the bottom of Africa for a farming plantation. Another external expansion was the arrival of the Portugese on the East coast to grow Asian spices using African slaves. A religious expansion was Islam attempting to spread into Africa, even though it was met with retaliaition from native beliefs. Expansion did happen during this time period in Africa and was not rare at all for Africa.