AP World History Assignments:

Week of 5/6
  • Check the Part 6 PowerPoints page for the remaining notes!
  • Today we will begin wrapping up Part 6 with Asia, Africa, and the Cold War!
  • AP Test takers please check the Additional Resources page. There are .zip files containing a ton of review material!
    • We will try and review as much as possible, however I STRONGLY recommend you spend time every night until the exam reviewing.
    • There are A LOT of review resources in those .zip files, so don't get overwhelmed. There's no need to read every page word for word!
Week of 4/29
  • This week will continue our study of Part 6!
  • There is a new "Part 6 PowerPoints" page up
    • Continue checking that page, however see the blog, too, in case the Wiki goes down again!
  • Part 6 PowerPoints
Week of 4/15:
  • We will continue our study of Part 6 this week
  • Since the Wiki servers still seem on the fritz, check MY BLOG for notes
    • Interwar Years are now posted!!
Week of 4/8:
  • The Part 5 Test is Monday and Tuesday!
  • We will begin Part 6 on Tuesday with a WWI Simulation!!
    • This is our final unit!!!
  • Keep and eye out for a new Part 6 PowerPoints page!
    • The Wiki Page Editor is currently down!
Week of 4/2:
  • Welcome back from break!
  • This week will be devoted to our review of Part 5
  • You will be creating study guides based on your groups theme for the whole class:
    • This will be due Wednesday, 4/3 by midnight!
    • Typed, 1 full page front and back!
  • Keep an eye on this page for more review materials to come!!!
Week of 3/18:
  • The 3rd Quarter is ending!
  • Look for a new PowerPoint on political trends for next week
  • Part 5 is coming to a close!
    • Plan for a test within the next 2 weeks!
Week of 3/11:
  • This weeks focus will be on the responses of the globe to the rise of the West
  • A new PowerPoint is up!
Week of 3/4:
Week of 2/25:
  • We will begin this week with discussion of the Industrial Revolution
  • Also, we will begin reviewing primary sources
  • Download and read the PDF below. We will be discussing it later this week:
  • Check the Part 5 PowerPoints page regularly!!!
Week of 2/19:
Week of 2/4:
Week of 1/28:
  • This week we will continue working on the Part 4 Wiki projects
  • Remember, tentatively they are due Friday, 2/1
    • However, from this point forward much of the work will likely be done outside of class
  • We will begin the final set of notes on East Asia this week as well
  • Be sure you have read the supplemental PowerPoints now up on the Part 4 PowerPoints page
  • Also, you should be continuing to read Part IV in the book (Chapters 16-22)
    • Chapter 22 Corresponds with our lecture this week on Asia
    • The rest (16-21) have been covered in some capacity already
  • Next week we will spend some time working on DBQ essays, and preparing for the Part 4 Exam
    • Part 4 Exam tentatively scheduled for Friday, 2/8 and Monday, 2/11
Week of 1/22:
  • Happy MLKJ Day!
  • We will be continuing lectures on Part 4
  • Check the Part 4 PowerPoints page for new notes
  • Tentative date for new Wikis: Friday, 2/1
Week of 1/14:
  • This week will begin the 3rd Quarter, and start our new Wiki Project
  • We will have our next lecture beginning Friday
Week of 1/7:
Week of 1/2:
  • This week and next week will be devoted to finishing up Europe between 1450-1750
  • Once we're done, we'll review for THE MIDTERM!
  • A few helpful "Cram Packets" I've found online....it's amazing what you can find with a little Google search!
Week of 12/17:
  • This week will be dedicated to our Enlightenment Roundtable!
Week of 12/10:
  • This week will begin out discussion of Part 4 (1450-1750)
  • Make sure you have the first set of notes printed!
  • There is a Quiz on "Transoceanic Encounters" Thursday, 12/13
Week of 12/3:
Week of 11/27:
  • Welcome back!
  • We will be reviewing in class this week for the Part 3 Exam on Thursday and Friday!
  • Look over all of the studying resources you have available to you:
    • Textbook
    • Part 3 Outline
    • PowerPoint Lectures
    • Wiki entries
Week of 11/5:
  • It's been a while since our last weekly update! Happy Second Quarter!
  • This week in class we will be starting the last few lectures of Part 3, the Post-Classical Era
  • Please make sure your have all of the Part 3 PowerPoints downloaded
  • Due Wednesday, 11/8: Thesis statements and support evidence
    • ALL 8 potential prompts!!
Week of 10/15:
  • In class Monday, we are reading and discussing sources on Islam in groups.
  • Tuesday - Socratic Discussion on Islam source
  • Thursday - Lecture on arrival of Islam in Africa (Sources assigned, discussion to come on Monday!)
Week of 10/8:
  • There is a re-take of the Part 1-2 Test Monday, 10/8!
  • The rest of the week will be devoted to our first topic in Part 3:
    • It will be The Week of Islam!
  • Please download the following for Part 3 The Post-Classical World:
  • Throughout the remainder of the course I will be posting lecture outlines (PowerPoint) on here
  • Please make sure you download them and bring them to class!!!!
  • Part 3 PowerPoints
Week of 10/1:
  • Monday - Part 1-2 Objective Exam
  • Wednesday - Solidarity with the Poor
  • Thursday - Part 1-2 Essay Exam
  • Reminder - Your 1-2 Wiki pages are due this FRIDAY, 10/5 (yes, even though you will be on the field trip)
    • Submissions can be made until midnight on Friday (technically 12:00am on Saturday)
Week of 9/24:
  • Tuesday - PRACTICE ESSAY!
  • Wednesday - (half day) Review parts 1 and 2
  • Thursday - Continue Review!
  • Friday - Part 1 and 2 Objective Test (Monday 10/1 is the essay portion!!)

Week of 9/17:
  • Monday - Classical Belief Systems Socratic Seminar
  • Thursday - Introduction to the Wiki! (set up accounts)
  • Friday - Work with Thesis Statements, Wiki topics
    • Reminder - There will be a practice essay Tuesday 9/25