5.3. Chinese Empires
After Mongol rule in China, the Ming dynasty emerged. During the Ming Dynasty several efforts to reunify and rebuild China were made. These included the use of a large number of eunuchs to maintain control as well as moving China’ capital city north to Beijing to better protect it from Mongol attack. The great wall was also rebuilt during the Ming dynasty. The great wall was a sign of Chinese power as well as a protective boundary to the north, although it did not do much to thwart off attacks. The Ming eventually declined and collapsed due to a weak navy, poor government response to attacks, famine, and peasant rebellion. The Ming were eventually conquered by the Manchus from the north and the Qing dynasty was established. The Qing were originally nomads but they began to unify their government, laws, military, and tribes into one unified state. They experienced land expansion and established control, over Korea, Mongolia, and all of China.