5.2. Japan
At this time, Japan was ruled by Shoguns with private armies. Shoguns were landholders comparable to the nobility of European feudalism. Emperors reigned, but they were just figureheads of the Japanese feudal society, not holding any real power. The shogun Tokugawa leyasu was appointed by the emperor around the year 1600. He established a military style government and the Tokugawa dynasty. He centralized the feudal government by restricting marriage to members of the same class and prosecuting Christianity which was on the rise in Japan. The Daimyo was also established in this time period. The Daimyo was around 260 regional lords who owned independent militaries. The shogun controlled the Daimyo and maintained control of all of its members by requiring each daimyo to spend one year, every other year, at court. This policy successfully lasted for about 200 years.