During the early modern era the Americas were the center around expansion. Due to the fact that it was a newly discovered region, most other countires wanted it for themselves. Expansion thrived throughout the Americas as new leaders came in and conqured more and more land. Every piece of newly settled land went through its own type of state building and development. This caused
many different types of cultures and people to mix. There was continuous conquests to the Americas from nations all over the world in order to claim their part in the new world. It was full of undiscovered riches and had people wanting to explore them. This desire for more land lead to several battles and atlercations amoungst the nations. Eventually the nations began to colonized under the rule of many European countries. Empires were established in the Carribean, North America and Latin America. Each of these regins were under the control of a different country each causing a different government which lead to a variety of cultures, rules, and approaches to state building.
-Caribbean Empires
-North America Empires
-Latin America Empires